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I first studied ceramics in the 1970's at university in California. This followed with designing ceramic jewellry decorated with narrative paintings while facilitating clay sculpture groups in community mental health services.

While captivated with life and portrait drawing alongside ceramic artwork, in 2005 I began intensive study of clay figure sculpture with Lucianne Lassalle, then Rebecca Doe from Art Academy, London. Fascination and wonder with the uniqueness of every human face led me to masterclasses with International portrait artist Luke Shepherd and I began accepting portrait commissions in 2009. Recent workshops with Clare Trenchard have illuminated form & technique with fascinating perspectives and broadened my knowledge of skills and method.

I engage in several streams of practice and study in solitude and with others: keeping a drawing journal, life classes, intensive master classes , visiting exhibitions , exploring art history and cultures through reading and travel. Additionally, Conversing alongside image making and free modeling with family and friends.

Ani Buckland - sculptor and artist
Devon based sculptor, artist who specialises in figurative clay sculpture